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A Step-by-Step Guide to Blooket Join

Playing a game & competing with your colleagues has always been fascinating. What if you could learn while playing the game and take the quiz while competing with your class fellows? Blooket Join lets you create your own game and play it with your friends.

“Games are the best way to engage the mind and fire up the imagination.”

Maxime Lagacé

We’re sorting your Blooket-related queries and providing you with some magical codes, tips, and tricks that will elevate your Blooket experience to new heights.

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Blooket has emerged as a revolutionary platform that combines education and gamification, which attracts audiences from all over the world. So, are you ready for an exciting journey of knowledge and fun?

Wait no longer, as we have provided detailed instructions for Blooket in this article for your convenience. Get ready to explore Blooket’s unique features and fun opportunities.

What is Blooket?

It’s an interactive learning platform that revolutionizes traditional learning by transforming it into an engaging gaming experience. Designed to captivate learners of all ages, Blooket combines the thrill of competition with educational quizzes and interactive challenges like Kahoot!, Quizizz, and Gimkit do.

Blooket can help any dedicated student with everything from organizing complicated coursework to staying focused on exams. It’s the perfect blend of fun and learning, making learning a truly enjoyable adventure.

Below are key features of Blooket:

  • Join games created by your teachers or other users.
  • Create your own games, share and invite others.
  • Earn rewards for completing games.
  • Compete with your friends and classmates.
  • Teachers can assign homework/assignments to their students.
  • Learn new things in a fun and engaging way.
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How Does Blooket Work?

You might be wondering how Blooket works and why it appeals to students. As I said, it conveys knowledge in the game format—specifically, a multiple-choice game. The games feature a wide range of grade-level content, subjects, and topics.

Teachers have a variety of ways to host each Blooket game, including individually, in teams, in front of the class (Blooket live), or as homework. Blooket excels at generating and sustaining student engagement because of the variety of hosting options.

Exploring The Advanced Features of Blooket:

Blooket provides a variety of fun features that improve your educational experience. Let’s explore some of these features in further detail:

1. Modes of Gameplay

To meet different learning objectives, it provides a variety of game modes. It offers a variety of gaming experiences for all users, from live games that promote friendly competition to study modes that concentrate on individual learning.

2. Live Blooket Join Sessions

Live-hosted Blooket sessions offer a vibrant and engaging learning environment. Teachers can track the growth of students in real time, pinpoint areas that require support, and adjust their teaching style accordingly. This feature encourages a sense of urgency, which motivates students to participate in the lesson and pay attention.

Live-hosted Blooket games have a variety of advantages. They prioritize active participation, which improves information retention. Additionally, live sessions let teachers examine the understanding of their students. It promotes healthy competition, which inspires students to give their best in order to succeed.

3. Join Teams While Learning with Blooket

The platform enables educators to form student groups, promoting cooperation and teamwork. Students collaborate to overcome obstacles and respond to inquiries.

The social aspect of education is enhanced by collaborative learning, which promotes a friendly learning environment. Students benefit from diverse perspectives, share information, and learn from others. Moreover, student relationships are strengthened by team-based competitions.

4. Remote Learning

Blooket is easily adaptable to virtual classrooms. It enables teachers to provide interactive and engaging learning experiences even when they are not physically present.

How to join Blooket as a Student?

Blooket is super easy to use. To join Blooket (blooket.com/play) as a student you need a Game ID provided by your teacher, as you can see on the above image. Once you got the blooket join code, Follow these 3 basic steps:

  1. Navigate to blooket.com/play or play.blooket.conm.
  2. Insert the Game pin/Game ID/Blooket join code provided by the game host or your teacher.
  3. Enter your Name without Login or Signup and You’re In. Happy Learning!

In the latest updates, the game host or your teacher can send you a direct link through which you can access your homework. You can also access it by scanning QR Code.

Exploring Blooket Features as a Student:

Below are some key features to explore after you log in to Blooket:

  • Game Modes: Blooket provides different game modes, such as Tower Defense, Gold Quest, and Speed and Luck. Each mode offers a unique gameplay experience and learning opportunities.
  • Question Sets: Blooket offers a wide range of pre-built question sets across various subjects. These sets are created by teachers and educators, ensuring educational relevance and accuracy.
  • Customization Options: As a student, you can customize your avatar, choose your preferred game settings, and even create your own questions or sets if allowed by your teacher.
  • Leaderboards and Rewards: Blooket provides Leaderboards and Rewards to track your progress. Earn points, tokens, or other rewards based on your performance in the game.

Feeling dry reading the written content? Below is the complete visual guide for Blooket as a Student and dive into the deep waters of Blooket.

2 Recommended Ways to Join the Session!

There are two outstanding ways to participate in Blooket sessions that I have personally tested. Let me explain each of these methods to you in this article.

Blooket Join-Using the Game ID

Even for beginners, this procedure is really easy to follow and doesn’t require any complex knowledge. To get started, all you need to do is visit your profile.

Blooket Join codes can be created by teachers and shared with their students. Then, in order to join a specific learning session, students can enter their “Blooket Pin” on the Blooket website.

This method guarantees a safe and controlled environment for group learning, and nobody is allowed to enter a playing session unless someone has given them the specific Code.

In short, teachers generate a unique code for the gaming session and share it with their students. And only those students with that specific code will be able to participate in that Blooket Session. Isn’t it incredible?

Join Blooket Gaming Session Using Links

As we previously discussed the method of connecting Blooket session via the Blooket code, you now have another fantastic way to join Blooket games via links.

The procedure is the same: the teacher must create the session’s link before sharing it with the students. This link will then direct students to the session, where they can access it by simply clicking.

How to Join Existing Blooket Games

You will need an invite code from the game host in order to join an existing Blooket game. The host designs the game and establishes the rules before giving the invite code to players who want to participate.

1. Find the Joining Code

The invite code will be given to you by the host. You can receive it verbally, via text, or email. The invitation code must be entered the same way it is provided to you.

2. Enter the Blooket join Code in the Game ID Section

Open the website and choose Blooket “Join Game” after receiving the invite code. In the space provided, type the invitation code. Before selecting Blooket Join, make sure the Blooket join code is entered accurately.

3. Wait for the Host to Start the Game

After entering the invitation code, you’ll see a message stating that you must wait for the host to begin the game. It is up to the host to decide when the game starts, so some waiting may be involved. Feel free to engage in conversation with other players who have joined.

4. Play the Game

When the host is ready, the game mode and settings that they have chosen will be loaded. To play, follow the on-screen instructions! The objective and rules may change depending on the particular game mode the host selected. Pay close attention to the instructions given at the start of each round.

The invite code may need to be entered again in order to rejoin the game in progress if you ever become disconnected from it or run into an error. If necessary, the host can generate a new invite code.

Blooket offers many entertaining game modes you can play with friends or fellow students. The host can manage who joins the game by using invite codes. Try Blooket for an enjoyable learning experience!

How to join Blooket as a teacher?

Joining Blooket as a teacher opens up a world of interactive and engaging educational possibilities for your students. In this guide, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of joining Blooket as a teacher and getting started with creating dynamic learning experiences for your students.

Below are the steps why you should choose Blooket as a teacher:

  • Engaging Learning Environment
  • Customizable Content
  • Interactive Assessments
  • Create your own Game
  • Student Progress Tracking

Below is the complete visual guide for Blooket Join as a Teacher.

Blooket Play Host(play.blooket.com):

Blooket Play Host is a feature that allows teachers to create interactive and educational games for their students. With a variety of game modes available, teachers can align the gameplay with their curriculum and learning objectives. Creating a game is easy, with options to build custom question sets or choose from the platform’s extensive library of pre-made content. Students can join the game using a unique Blooket code, accessing it from their devices.

As a Blooket/play Host, teachers have access to real-time data and analytics, enabling them to monitor student performance and track progress. This information helps teachers make data-driven instructional decisions and personalize their teaching strategies. Blooket Play Host (play.blooket.com) also adds an element of excitement and healthy competition to the learning process, motivating students to actively participate and fostering a positive classroom atmosphere.

Overall, Blooket/Play Host empowers teachers to create immersive and engaging learning experiences. By integrating Blooket into their teaching toolkit, teachers can captivate students’ attention, reinforce concepts, and make learning a fun adventure.

Benefits of Using the Blooket Platform

1. Interactive and Engaging Learning

Blooket turns the static learning environment of the classroom into a lively and interactive one. Gamification techniques draw students’ attention and encourage active participation in the learning process.

2. Personalized Content

Teachers can create personalized content based on their curriculum and learning objectives. Learning becomes more relevant and relatable when teachers have the freedom to modify the material to fit the needs and interests of their students.

3. Real-Time Evaluation

It gives teachers real-time assessment tools to track students’ development and spot areas that need more attention. This data-driven strategy enables teachers to give students timely feedback and support, enhancing overall learning.

4. Competition and Teamwork

It promotes student cooperation and constructive competition. By working individually or in teams, students can compete in a friendly manner while gaining knowledge from others in the group. Teamwork and analytical skills are encouraged in this collaborative environment.

Strategies to Maximize Engagement in the Classroom

To get the most out of Blooket, teachers should start by outlining their expectations and objectives. Offering rewards or bonus points for playing games and participating in other activities on the platform are also helpful incentives for participation.

Additionally, teachers should constantly include engaging components in their lesson plans. For example, they can use online polls or give students the chance to respond to open-ended questions after they finish a level of a game.

In order to determine which format best engages your class at particular points in your lesson plans, it’s crucial to vary your gameplay.  Try out various formats like synchronous conversation versus asynchronous communication. By doing all these things, you can ensure that Blooket Play is enjoyable and interesting for you and your students.

Exploring the Exciting Tools of Blooket

Explore fun, interactive tools like flashcards and quiz-making apps, tools for test preparation, and exciting classroom games on Blooket to elevate your learning experience.

1. Flash Cards and Quizzes

Blooket allows teachers to engage their students in a fun and interactive way. There are countless options for teaching resources that can be used in the classroom or for online preparation, from flashcards to quizzes in the trivial quiz format.

By breaking down content into manageable chunks, these tools promote interest in learning and make studying more accessible and enjoyable. Various multimedia elements, including videos, audio clips, images, diagrams, and animations, can be added to flashcard apps like Quizlet to allow teachers to personalize their lessons.

Moreover, quiz-creation websites like ClassMarker let teachers design assessment tasks geared explicitly toward their students’ skills and competencies. Together, these two resources offer excellent opportunities for learners of all ages to take charge of the learning process, promoting engagement with the material inside and outside the classroom.

2. Resources for Test Preparation

Both teachers and students can find a variety of thorough and interactive test preparation and study tools on Blooket. With interactive games like quizzes, word searches, crosswords, memory puzzles, logic puzzles, knowledge tests, role-playing games, and more, Blooket enables teachers to create unique gaming templates.

Additionally, they have access to difficulty levels, allowing them to challenge their students according to their abilities. An organized dashboard makes it easier for teachers to see their students’ progress.

With no additional hardware or login information required, students can easily use this platform even when they are not in class to improve their knowledge using the variety of study resources provided by Blooket.

3. Engaging Games for the Students

Students can engage in interactive learning experiences that make learning enjoyable and efficient with Blooket’s advanced game-style system. Each game is created specifically for the subject matter, and it promotes participation through a buzzer system, timed questions, leaderboards, badges for accomplishments, and competitive engagement between classmates playing the same game.

This engages students in dynamic educational activities they will enjoy while motivating them through constructive assistance. Classroom gaming replaces traditional lectures in the classroom by using various challenges with multiple-choice questions related to their assignments and course material.

Blooket’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for teachers and course instructors to control how the game is played in a classroom or online. It also discloses points for correctly answered questions.

is Blooket Free?

To your amazement, it’s free, but to an extent. In the Free Version, You can create unlimited Sets and edits, choose unique game modes, can do a question set search, and the free plan supports up to 60 players. You’ll be happy to know that there are free and premium subscription options available. Let’s examine the specifics and the available payment options for a Blooket account.

1. Free Account

It offers a free account option that enables users to use different features and games without paying any money. You can make and modify games, play in other people’s public games, and engage in community activities with a free account on Blooket.

This is an excellent choice for young learners, teachers on a tight budget, or anyone else who wants to try out the platform without committing to anything.

2. A Premium Subscription

It provides a premium subscription plan known as Blooket Plus for users looking for greater benefits and professional features. The Blooket Plus subscription elevates your experience by enabling exclusive features and improvements. The Blooket Plus subscription typically requires a monthly or yearly fee, though specific pricing information may vary.

Users who subscribe to its Plus can access premium features like improved support, advanced customization options, exclusive game modes, and more. The premium subscription may benefit teachers since it offers extra resources for organizing classrooms, monitoring student progress, and developing interesting educational materials.

The premium subscription fee enables it to keep developing and expanding its platform, guaranteeing users a high-quality educational experience.

Below is the table of price comparison between the Free package and The Plus Package:

FeaturesFree PlanPlus/Premium Plan
Unlimited Sets & Edits
Unique Game Modes
Question Set Search
Early Event Access
Question Set Folders
Student Bonus Tokens
Copy & Duplicate Sets
Players Up to60300

How Do I Get Access to Blooket Plus?

Visit the website and find the subscription page to upgrade to Blooket Plus. You can find comprehensive information about the advantages, costs, and payment methods for the premium subscription there.

It’s important to remember that even though Blooket Plus offers intriguing extra features, the free account continues to be a practical and worthwhile choice for many users. You can choose between the free and premium plans depending on your needs, preferences, and financial situation.

The premium/plus package of Blooket offers advanced features such as student progress tracking, comprehensive analytics, priority support, All Starter Features, Advance Game Reports, Early Event Access, Copy & Duplicate Sets, supports up to 300 players, 10 extra Bonus Tokens for students, can submit audio questions, and assign longer deadlines of homework upto 365 days.

Therefore, it offers flexible options to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a free account or considering a premium subscription. Begin your Blooket journey right away to experience the delight of interactive learning!

Perks of Plus

Start Your Blooket Journey Right Away!

To get started on the Blooket website, register for a student account using a working email address. Once your login details are confirmed, you’re ready to dive into the games. Joining an ongoing game is a breeze – enter the game code provided by your teacher, and you can start playing with your classmates or friends online.

If you want to play more practice games or are feeling particularly competitive, look through existing games online. Select a topic from one of their categories, set it off against other players by publishing the game, and create your battles of knowledge on Blooket, opening up a world of engaging learning activities.

Teachers can access all the materials on Blooket by registering with the education technology company Common Sense Education. They can also find advice on how to use this tool effectively in their classrooms.

By logging into the dashboard right away, you can explore favorite tools, such as texting apps and websites, for creating quizzes while studying for tests and participating in in-class activities.


Q1: How to join a Blooket game?

The game ID is required in order to join a Blooket game. The teacher who designed the game generates a unique code known as the game ID. On the Blooket website, type in the game ID and click the “Join” button to participate in a game.

Q2: How to join Blooket events?

Find the event you want to attend by visiting Blooket’s “Events” section, which lists all the events that are available to attend. In order to participate, click the “Join” button next to the event title or the event’s title itself.

Q3: How to join a random Blooket game?

No, Blooket focuses on giving students a structured learning environment while they work on security-related issues. Because of this, only students with a valid code from their teachers are allowed to participate in Blooket games and quizzes.

Q4: What Is The Rarest Blook In Blooket?

The rarest Blook in Blooket is the Rainbow Panda Blook. This unique and captivating Blook stands out with its vibrant and mesmerizing colors. Obtaining the Rainbow Panda Blook is considered a remarkable achievement within the Blooket community due to its rarity.

Q5: How To Hack Blooket?

The Blooket hacks are some cheat codes used to get advantages like unlimited tokens, instant answers to questions, collecting all Blooks, and more! Read this article for further guidance.


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