Blooket Season 5

blooket season 5

Are you someone like me who was super excited and impatiently waiting for Blooket Season 5?

The wait is over. Your thrilling campaign is about to start!!! 

Blooket Season 5 has set sail, and it’s time to embark on a thrilling Pirate’s Voyage.

I’ve personally set sail in Blooket Season 5, and it’s time to embark on a thrilling Pirate’s Voyage. I will not only share about what’s the newest and the latest adventures in the Blooket season 5 but also will carry you through my firsthand experience and thrill of the pirate’s voyage.

Blooket Season 5: It’s Here!

The much-anticipated Blooket Season 5 is finally here, the most awaited Blooket Season 5 is on your threshold with full flow, spreading a wave of urge and excitement in the gaming world. I fell in love with the Pirate’s Voyage game mode while I was playing it. 

I, being a resilient and brave captain, navigated through treacherous waters, solving many puzzles, and unlocking the hidden treasures.

I am sure, like me, you will also find The Pirate’s Voyage as not just a game but also a mesmerizing embarkment that will give you a fascinating experience, great fun, continuous thrill, and a lot of learning in a single package that only Blooket can deliver.

With the release of this season, Blooket introduces the exciting Pirate’s Voyage game mode.

🏴‍☠️ Pirate’s Voyage:

Sail the seas in Pirate’s Voyage to negotiate the unfamiliar parts of oceans to locate the hidden treasure. During your campaign to hidden riches, your knowledge, awareness and strategic skills will be under trial all the time.

I found myself immersed in the world of pirates, raising the Jolly Roger, and setting off on an epic treasure hunt. This adventure will surely leave you amazed.

New Pirate Pack:

The pinnacle of my Blooket season 5 experience was to explore the new Pirate Pack. 

I recommend you get into a new Pirate Pack to access the excess of new blooks. Interact with the Swashbuckler, Come across with the Kraken, and explore the mystical Pirate Pufferfish. 

These new Blooks will add excitement and variety to your Blooket experience.

Class Pass:

With the very helpful and innovative feature of Class Pass, I went through the wonderful experience of customizing my avatar. It came up as the best avatar in my history of playing Blooket.

While collecting 100 Blook parts, I personalized every angle of my avatar. I molded myself into what I could express the best through applying special effects and animations; selecting awesome costumes and accessories.

This was an epic look, full of pride and awesome feelings. It gave me the feeling of having power and strategy while progressing through the pass to unlock many rewards.

That’s not all! Blooket Season 5 brings a wave of excitement with it, It includes, the latest game modes, unique characters, and very helpful customization options for you to personalize the gaming experience. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

New Game Modes:

Get the latest game modes to have fun and test your gaming skills.

The modes will certainly be a big challenge for your strategies but at the same time will keep exciting you for more.

From high-stakes adventures to brain-teasing challenges, Season 5 has it all.

New Blooks:

New Blooks are always waiting for you to discover them and utilise them to have depth and strategic skills while playing your games.

Every single Blook having its unique potential and quirks creates countless possibilities.


The most awaited and highly anticipated trading feature is on your threshold, Knocking at your gaming door. You can exchange your Blooks with fellow players through Trading to add your collection. This will help you build your ultimate team.

Contests and Events:

Get ready for exciting contests and events that will test your skills and reward you with fantastic prizes. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events!

What’s New in Blooket Season 5?

This Blooket update introduces a new Blook trading system and new game modes, allowing players to have an improved and exciting time while playing. This fifth season of Blooket will feature a lot of new updates, some of which are listed as follows:

  • New Blooks
  • New live game mode
  • New class pass

There will be four unique game modes, which are as follows:

  1. Mining game mode
  2. Snake game mode
  3. Blook bash game mode
  4. Bee game mode – Where you can earn points and hire bees to work for you.

Trading System is a wonderful addition to the Blooket season 5. The main purpose of this is to promote learning and fun through its users. Therefore, the sets verified and reviewed by the Blooket team will award you double.

The contest of Candy Event is the same as it was last year but in 2023, it is with a new concept and improved integration with Blooket.

And that’s not it, as there will be many more exciting surprises over the year and a bunch of small quality updates for a better gaming experience.

Prices for Blooket Plus with the New Season Release!

Blooket season 5 is in its bloom with a price discount of 40 % for plus users. Avail this limited-time offer of the season and get access to the exclusive features i.e., personalized avatars, unlimited sets, and priority support.

The discounted price is $ 2.99, but you can still enjoy the premium features which will not only enhance your gaming experience but will give you more personalised control tracking your progress and evaluating the points of improvements.

Exclusive Benefits of Blooket Plus:

  • You can gain access to unique game modes like “Battle Royale” where you can invite your friend to play a one-to-one game and decide the winner through a last-man-standing showdown.
  • You can avail the expert-created Question sets to improve your learning experience and challenge yourself against the advanced questions.
  • You are also facilitated to combine your two question sets through a simple process.
  • To enhance your gaming experience and to keep you in touch with the fun and learning, you are given 10 extra tokens following consecutive gameplay. This helps them unlock more features and customize their gaming experience. 
  • There are discounted in-game purchases that can help you win more rewards if you are a dedicated player.
  • A host can arrange a game with a maximum of 300 players participating at the same time. This feature allows you to compete with a larger pool of players to showcase your gaming talent and strategic skills. 
  • You are allowed to create your personal folders and save your favorite game modes and files. This helps you to access them quickly whenever you want to save your time.
  • Plus members are allowed to create and join private game rooms. In this way they can invite their friends and opponents to have a personalised experience of the competition. This also grows the sense of community among the users.

Summing It Up!

In summary, Blooket Season 5 has arrived with a bang, and it’s filled with adventures, challenges, and treasures waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a seasoned Blooket player or new to the game, this season promises endless fun and excitement.

So, what are you waiting for? Hoist the sails, gather your crew, and embark on the Pirate’s Voyage in Blooket Season 5!

It’s time for direction to achieve and find the hidden treasures of the high seas. Set sail, mateys!


When Was Blooket Season 5 Released?

Blooket Season 5 is out now and ready for you to dive into the Pirate’s Voyage!

What’s New in Blooket Season Five?

In addition to the Pirate’s Voyage game mode, you can expect new Blooks, customization options, game modes, and the long-awaited trading feature.

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