Ice Crab Blooket – All You Need To Know About

Ice Crab Blooket

You must have heard about Blue Crab, King Crab, Hermit Crab, Fiddler Crab, Stone Crab, Spider Crab, and Coconut Crab.

Even if you have not heard before, then you have now.

The point is that these are the standard kinds of crabs we could all expect to encounter. However, you must have never heard of an Ice Crab.

Never say that to a Blooket player, though. Ice Crab Chroma is one of the rarest power-ups in Blooket history and a coveted prize that signifies ultimate Blooket mastery.

You are thinking about what it is?

So, here we go…

What Is An Ice Crab Blooket?

Ice crab is like a badge of honor for Blooket players. It is among the rare entities of cute monster chromas a person can get in Blooket. It shows your dedication, mastery, and achievements in gameplay.

Ice Crab Booklet is a tiny 2D crab with a frozen texture, a crown, and snow on its claws.

You must be wondering…

How to Collect an Ice Crab Blooket?

Similar to Blooket Gummy Bears, you unlock them through a pack. This chroma is only available in the Ice Monster pack and sells for 300 tokens. Its drop rate is 0.02%, which shows its rarity.

There is no guaranteed way to get it. It is all based on luck. Just go through a loop of collecting tokens and buying the Ice Monster pack till you get out of tokens and do not find the ice crab Blooket.

Each game presents an opportunity to face the Ice Crab, ensuring you stay alert and enthusiastic to answer questions accurately to collect more and more tokens.

What are the Advantages of an Ice Crab Blooket?

  • Freeze your opponent

The primary function of an Ice Crab is to freeze some of your opponent’s motions. Playing with friends or your classmates in a class helps you freeze their activities by throwing a curveball, potentially hindering their overall performance temporarily.

  • Helps in engagement

Knowing that you can get frozen if someone from your opponent uses the freezing ability of an Ice Crab will make you play as well as you can. In the case of a frozen state, you can not perform any activity temporarily. Therefore, the prospect of being frozen motivates you to actively participate in your class activities, aiming to accumulate as many tokens as possible to offset the potential freezing in the future.

  • Disruption

Even if not frozen, it can throw your opponent’s strategies into disarray, making their overall performance disrupt.


Ice crab’s strategic potential can be a helpful asset in your Blooket battles. Moreover, when played with reasonable screen time, this game seamlessly fits into the category of the best knowledge-in-a-fun-way platform for kids.

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