Blooket Dashboard: An In-depth Guide

Blooket Dashboard

Blooket’s Dashboard is one of the essential components of Blooket that contribute to its usability and effectiveness. Whether you’re a professor or a student, the fascinating, rewarding experience of the Blooket dashboard ensures that you will keep coming back for more.

Dashboard of Blooket has several distinctive and great features, one of which is that users can play Blooket without having a Blooket code. However, you can only play solo matches without coding. In this post, we’ll examine Blooket Dashboard in detail, reviewing its features and functions that enable teachers to design engaging lessons for their students.

An Overview of the Blooket Dashboard

With the help of the Dashboard, teachers may monitor their students’ progress in real-time and offer suggestions for improvement. It supports a team-oriented approach to teaching by encouraging participants to play alone or in groups with their fellow classmates.

This platform allows students to participate as a team and earn points together, boosting their interest in the course material. Learning is made more fun for both students and teachers thanks to its innovative approach to teaching.

The user interface of the site is simple yet captivating. Teachers can effortlessly design their own unique quiz games or use pre-existing templates for a range of subject areas, such as math, physics, history, and even language. The Dashboard provides features like real-time monitoring of the game’s progress, student involvement, and game creation.

Blooket Dashboard view

How to Create and Manage Blooket Games Using the Dashboard?

The Dashboard of Blooket enables instructors to develop customized games. With so many options, including quizzes and flashcards, teachers can create games that specifically address their learning objectives. You can make changes in the game at any moment once it has been created.

This adaptability enables teachers to change the game in response to student feedback or as their learning objectives change. Additionally, educators can monitor game statistics, including participant count, question response rate, and game duration. The user interface of the site is simple yet captivating. This sort of information can be beneficial when assessing student engagement and learning outcomes.

What are the Blooks and How to Buy Them Through Blooket Dashboard?

Blooks are characters that represent users and their enemies in various game modes of Blooket. They are tiny creatures and have fascinating patterns like animals and human-like characters. Blooks are available for purchase from the market in exchange for tokens or as prizes at tournament events.

This market section is available in the Blooket dashboard, which allows students to buy new avatars that cost them a specific amount of tokens. Some blooks are easy to access, while others are relatively rare. You may view your blook collection by selecting the purple toolbar at the top of the screen. Then tap on the “Discover” button, which will show you all available blooks.

How to Use Blooket Dashboard to Track Student Progress

The Dashboard provides real-time information about student performance and participation. Teachers can identify the kids who are actively participating and those who can benefit from additional assistance.

Moreover, Teachers can also monitor the progress of each student and assess their performance. This data can be used to pinpoint areas where particular students require additional attention.

Customization of Games Using Dashboard

With the use of Blooket’s Dashboard, teachers can create games with themes that complement their lesson plans. In addition, they can change game parameters like the number of questions and time limitations in accordance with their learning objectives. Teachers can also change players’ names and avatars to make the game more interesting and unique for their students.

A Quick Tour of the Sections of Blooket Dashboard

My Sets

You have access to the sets that you’ve created in this section, which is quite self-explanatory. There also exists a search box to help you find your sets, as well as a new folder option that requires a membership to use.


Blooket’s news section highlights the most recent updates and developments of Blooket. First, navigate to the Dashboard. Click “News” from the options that appear on the left side of the screen.

You can view Blooket News in this section, including any updates or announcements regarding Blooket. As per new updates, if you visit the Dashboard for the first time, Blooket news and updates will pop out on your screen.


You may view the sets you’ve marked as favorites in this section. If you have no favorites, a message that says “You do not have any favorites” will appear. You can explore sets by clicking the word “explore favorites,” which will be given underneath it. If you find a set captivating, you can mark it as a favorite, and it will then show up on your favorites page.


You can view all of the assignments you have been assigned in this section. This section cannot be seen on any mobile device or on small screens. Tower of Doom, Tower Defense, Cafe, Factory, Crazy Kingdom, and Monster Brawl are currently available game modes that are suitable for homework assignments.

It is not possible to play Blook Rush, Racing, Classic, Santa’s Workshop, Crypto Hack, Gold Quest, Fishing Frenzy, Battle Royale, or Candy Quest (Gold Rush Reskin/Halloween Retextured) in a solo match.


In this section, you can see a history of the question sets you’ve hosted. This section does not appear on mobile, mainly phones or small-screen devices. If you host a question set and stop the game in the middle before you’re done with it, you may lose the set as it was not saved in the history.

Collaborative Features of Blooket Dashboard

The Dashboard of Blooket encourages teamwork among kids by allowing them to engage cooperatively. This promotes collaboration and learning from one another. Teachers can share their customized games with other educators, which encourages a collaborative academic community.

How Can We Determine If Is Down?

To find out whether is down or not, perform a server check using any of your web browsers (which can be Chrome, Safari, or Firefox).

This server check is performed from the nearest edge node of a network that spans approximately 285 cities and 100 countries. In order to determine whether is up or down, we next look at the server status code returned.

To Sum It Up!

The Blooket Dashboard is a flexible and easy-to-use tool that enables teachers to design successful and fun gamified learning experiences. Blooket is a comprehensive solution for students and teachers looking to make learning enjoyable and interactive by enabling customization, real-time monitoring, and data analysis.


Q1. What is Blooket Dashboard?

For instructors, the Dashboard acts as a central control hub. They can manage their games, keep track of student development, and personalize their teaching experience.

Q2. What are the main features of Blooket Dashboard?

The Dashboard has several significant features intended to promote gaming-based education for both instructors and students. These features include game design and management tools, allowing teachers to create games specifically for their classes and track their students’ progress.

Q3. Is it free to use Blooket Dashboard?

Blooket offers access to a number of features, including the Dashboard, in a free version of its platform.

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