Mystical Blooks In Blooket: A Comprehensive Guide To Earn These Exclusive Blooks

Mystical Blooks

If you are a Blooket fan and love to play it, you might be curious to know what the Mystical Blooks are. Mystical Blooks are among the most expensive and challenging to find in Blooket. It’s fun to collect and trade these exclusive blooks in Blooket. You can brag about your accomplishments to your fellows and keep your level high in the game. Additionally, it makes the game more thrilling as you compete with others to get these exclusive blooks.

It is essential to get them if you want to advance your level in the game. Winning Blooket competitions is the best way to acquire the four different varieties of Mysticals.

Are you interested in learning more about Mystical Blooks in Blooket? In this article, I will explain what types of mythical blook exist and how to obtain them.

Mystical Blooks: An Overview of These Exclusive Blooks

Mysticals are the rarest blooks in Blooket. They are relatively rare than legendary blooks, but not in the same league as epic or common blooks. You must win events to receive these blooks. To participate in an event, you must have lots of tokens. Tokens are earned through gameplay or purchased from traders.

Mysticals represent the eighth and highest-valued rarity in the game. You can purchase them for 1,000 tokens, which is the highest sell price in the history of Blooket, 700 more than a regular chroma, and 500 more than a regular unique blook.

The only method that allows players to get Mysticals is by winning Blooket events, such as the yearly Halloween event, where the winner receives a Spooky Ghost as a reward. So far, there are only three Spooky Ghosts that ever exist in the world of Blooket.

There are only four Mysticals in the game: 

  1. Spooky Ghost (owned by players Wat, Metella, and AceOfSpadesOG)
  2. Tim the Alien (owned by Okr765 and pnbw)
  3. Phantom King (owned by 50 people from PoP’s top two guilds)
  4. Rainbow Astronaut (owned by the “The Preeminent” team.)

What Are All The Mystical Blooks In Blooket

Blooket offers four different kinds of Mystical Blooks. They are all unique and have diverse drop rates. Taking part in Blooket events and winning it by correctly responding to questions is the only way to earn Mysticals. These Mystical blooks are described as follows:

1. Spooky Ghost 

The Spooky Ghost is an extremely rare blook in Blooket. With cheerful eyes, it is green in color. Due to its 0.65% chance of appearing, it is one of the most challenging items to obtain and is only found in the game mode Santa’s Workshop.

However, only fortunate people who win the Contest of Candy get their hands on a Spooky Ghost, and this rarely occurs. You can purchase this unique blook at Santa’s Workshop for 1,000 tokens. As a result, it is not easy to obtain them! Players can also use token hacks to get free tokens, which they can use to purchase exclusive Mysticals and other items.

There are two different versions of the Spooky Ghost. One is referred to as the Spooky Ghost, while the other is known as the Ghost Cookie. It’s going to take a lot of effort and good fortune to obtain a Ghost Cookie because they are so uncommon.

The Spooky Ghost Blook is the most exclusive in Blooket; thus, it is extremely difficult to find. Wat, metella, and AceOfSpadesOG are the only three owners of Spooky Ghost.

2. Rainbow Astronaut

This blook begins as a red astronaut and transitions to different colors using hue rotation, producing a lovely gradient effect. It differs from other blooks as it changes colors using code rather than any sort of graphical representation. The Preeminent club received the Blooket Rainbow Astronaut as a reward for winning the LUNCH competition.

The Rainbow Astronaut Blooket is extremely significant to The Preeminent Club. It’s a representation of their success in winning the LUNCH event, and it gives them a distinctive look that makes them stand out from other clubs. The Rainbow Astronaut is a prize that the club is very proud of, and it is prominently displayed on their club page.

3. Tim The Alien

Tim the Alien is a unique character in Blooket. It is one of the most uncommon characters in the game and costs 1,000 tokens. Tim is available as a prize in the “Pokémon Are Cool” (PAC) event. This event gives you the opportunity to win your very first exclusive blook.

The UFO’s appearance has been altered, and now it features Tim the green Alien in animation. Additionally, the center features a rotating cow. The current owners of this blook are Okr765 and pnbw, and you can purchase it from them.

4. Phantom King

In the game Blooket, the Phantom Blook is a unique item known as the “Phantom King,” which is highly uncommon. It has been awarded to the top 2 guilds that come out on top in the PoP competition. It is only available to 50 players. Mysticals are extremely rare and can only be obtained through winning events. The Phantom King is the third mystical blook ever created in Blooket among all Blooket characters.

How Can I Find Mystical Blooks in Blooket?

Only those who succeed in games at various levels receive the rarest books in Blooket. Here’s how you can possibly discover rare Blooks in Blooket:

Attend Events: Blooket frequently holds exclusive events or promotions where they debut rare or limited-edition Blooks. Therefore, keeping up with announcements will improve your chances of getting These Uncommon Blooks.

Collaborate with the community: Participate in the Blooket community by joining forums and social media groups and discussing techniques and suggestions with other players.

Discover New Game Modes: Blooket has a variety of game modes, each with its own set of rewards and blocks. Play various game modes to unlock achievements and find uncommon Blooks.

Trade With Other Players: To obtain rare Blooks, think about trading with other players, as Blooket offers a trading system and can also purchase from the marketplace. Some players might be open to trading or selling their uncommon Blooks for different goods or in-game money.

Summing It Up!

Participants impatiently await the chance to add Mystical Blooks to their collections. These rare blooks are desirable assets and indicate the collectors’ commitment and love for the game. 

Like any game, your chances of reaching the highest stage and obtaining a Mystical Blook increase the more you play. However, be ready to invest the time necessary to enhance your Blooket experience.

Mysticals in Blooket can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player. So go out into the world of Blooket and start collecting points!


Q1. How Do You Get Mystical Blooks In Blooket?

Mysticals are a type of Blook rarity that you cannot unbox. The only way to earn Mysticals is to get first position in an event, or your entire team has won the event.

Q2. What Are All The Mystical Blooks In Blooket?

The Spooky Ghost, Tim the Alien, the Phantom King, and Rainbow Astronaut (owned by a team called “The Preeminent”) are the only Mysticals present at the moment.

Q3: Where Can I Find Tim The Alien Blook?

Tim the Alien is given out during the Pokémon Are Cool Event (PAC), and obtaining it requires taking part in the event and reaching the top rankings.

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