Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup

Blooket Tower Defense

Blooket Tower Defense mode is widely played and one of the best game setups in Blooket. The goal of this mode is for players to defeat Evil Blooks by constructing towers that destroy the Evil Blooks as they move along a predefined path. As players proceed through the game, the rounds become progressively more difficult.

This in-depth guide will help you accomplish the ideal setup for your tower defense game, regardless of your budget. You can build up the best Blooket tower defense setup, allowing your towers to perform to their full potential and preparing your castle for defense!

Detailed Overview:

You will come across the Tower Defense Mode while playing Blooket. There are two distinct methods to play this mode. You have the option of playing it solo or with others online. To win the game, the opponent’s towers must be destroyed.

Blooket Tower Defense is much harder than it seems to survive a few games. You start by putting up a few towers here and there, and it works for a while, but you quickly realize you’ve trapped yourself in a terrible plan. If you want to survive more than a few hundred rounds, here is the ideal Blooket Tower Defense arrangement.

Blooket Tower Defense Techniques:

It all comes down to placement, just like any great tower defense setup in Blooket. Although it would be nice to have a lot of Wind Dragons and Crazy Unicorns, but they won’t help you much if they aren’t put in the appropriate locations. For the best outcomes, we’ll continue to use Blooket’s towers as described below:

Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup for Crowd Control

1. Party Pig Tower

Players should construct a Pig Bomber tower and upgrade it to the Party Pig if they want to take control of the massive armed groups of Evil Blooks approaching them. Similar to the Wind Dragon, the Party Pig is an incredible unit at all levels since it can toss Disco Balls, which make opponents dance for a short period of time.

Even though it is only for a brief period of time, placing Party Pigs and Wind Dragons together in one place makes it practically hard for attackers to take a step ahead in battle. This combo is quite effective at keeping massive groups under control.

2. The Wind Dragon tower

Having a few Flame Dragon towers that have been transformed into Wind Dragon towers is a strong option for supporting the Party Pigs. The addition of this upgrade allows the Wind Dragon to force the Evil Blooks back down the route. This, when combined with the Party Pig’s dancing impact, has the potential to effectively control the crowd.

3. The Birds Tower

The Bird tower is the inverse of the Owl Sniper. The Bird tower has the same ability to hit foes anywhere on the map as the Owl Sniper but swaps the percentage damage for a flat damage value as well as a huge area of effect laser that affects all enemies it contacts. The Buff Owl and Power Owl upgrades are best suited for the Birds tower to produce the most damage.

Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup for Damage 

1. Crazy Unicorn Tower

The Rocket Unicorn tower, which could potentially be upgraded into the Crazy Unicorn, is a fantastic weapon for players to deal with massive damage. The damage dealt by this tower is equivalent to 15% of an Evil Blook’s maximum health, up to a maximum of 50. A few of these towers firing at swarms of Evil Blooks has the potential to swiftly do some major damage.

2. Owl Sniper Tower

The Owl Sniper tower may also be extremely beneficial, particularly when upgraded to the Agent Owl. These towers are a wonderful advantage because they can hit enemies at any range; thus, positioning does not matter.

Furthermore, each of their attacks deals 25% of the target’s current health, which makes them far more stronger than Crazy Unicorns in terms of damage. For the tower to do 25% more damage overall, you must purchase the Buff Owl and Power Owl upgrades.

Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup for Support

1. Mini Jester Tower

The Helpful Jester is incredibly useful as it boosts the destructive power of towers around it by 50%. It might be highly efficient when paired with Rocket Unicorn and Owl Sniper. After being upgraded to Mini Jester via Charming Jester and General Jester, players’ towers will have a 2x Firing Rate and 2x Damage boost. All players’ towers within the Jester’s range now have significantly more power.

Each tower will essentially be able to meet all of your tower defense requirements. Make the most of your tower’s skills, and don’t let your rivals travel a single inch before they feel the full power of your capacity or the low point of your party’s tracks. You can easily surpass Round 300 and earn hundreds of coins by using this best Blooket Tower Defense setup.

Blooket Tower Defense 2 Mode

Blooket, an engaging online learning platform that combines gaming format with educational content, offers an interesting game mode called Tower Defense 2. The goal of Tower Defense 2 is to stop waves of enemies from reaching the finishing path by carefully placing towers.

Players in Tower Defense 2 play the role of strategists entrusted with defending their area from armies of approaching enemies. The game features numerous maps with distinctive enemy pathways. Players must carefully consider how to position their towers in order to withstand the attacks as each wave gets harder and harder to survive.

Top Strategies for Best Blooket Tower Defense 2 Setup

Tower Defense 2 requires careful planning if you want to succeed. Here are some helpful suggestions to help you improve your gameplay:

  • To effectively handle the first waves, build affordable towers as soon as possible. Consider using inexpensive towers with excellent attack rates, like the “Dart Monkey” or the “Basic Tower.”
  • Build a variety of tower types to combat different enemy units successfully. Towers combined with single-target damage (like “Sniper Monkey”) and area-of-effect assaults (like “Bomb Tower”) can be a powerful tactic.
  • Strategically place your towers to increase their effectiveness and coverage. As they go throughout the battlefield, placing towers close to curves or intersections will enable them to hit foes more than once.
  • Upgrade a few high-tier towers first for better performance rather than buying lots of low-tier towers.
  • Upgrading the damage output and attack range of towers can dramatically increase.

Summing It Up!

Various best Blooket tower defense setup suggestions can assist you in conquering each level. Although the game is difficult, it is entertaining as well. These suggestions will assist you in defeating the final monster and becoming the winner of this game.

The most important part of the best Blooket tower defense setup you might have is your actual towers. It doesn’t matter what kind or how many towers you buy if you don’t have the right placement.

The best plan for you would be to initially place your towers at the cardinal points with the highest damage per second. Playing through each stage should take some time. Make sure to test various approaches to find one that suits you best.


Q1. What Is the Best Setup in Blooket Tower Defense?

The Crazy Unicorn and the Dragons towers are the best tower defense setup in Blooket.

Q2. How to Access Blooket Tower Defense Mode?

To start building your towers, you must first choose a map. Choose the Sunny Meadow map for this. Once you’ve decided on the map, you must agree to the instructions. You will need to purchase towers that are more effective than the ones you now own to build a strong tower defense.

Q3. Is It Easy to Use Blooket Tower Defense Mode?

Even though it might be challenging to win the game, you can do it with constant practice and determination.

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