How to get Rainbow Panda Blooket? 4 Effective ways

rainbow panda blooket

Rainbow Panda Blooket is an ideal choice to improve learning and keep your students engaged. What better approach to boosting student participation than giving them some attractive collectibles to strive for?

Blooket loves accomplishing this by allowing students to earn tokens and then spend those tokens on player avatars known as Blooks. Blooks are the Blooket game modes that kids find most interesting. These blooks resemble the tiny, cute animal characters used in the games to represent players.

It’s not always guaranteed that you’ll get the desired blook, especially if it is the Rainbow Panda. So, if getting a Rainbow Panda in Blooket is something you really want, you’ll need to put some effort and research into it. But is it truly challenging to obtain? Scroll down to learn more about it and where to find it.

Identify Blooket Rainbow Panda:

The Blooket Rainbow Panda is a one-of-a-kind and exciting avatar to get. This new Chroma Blook is a Blooket exclusive. It features a distinctive design, rainbow-colored fur, and a cheerful look on its face. This blook is a recolor or reskin of the Panda, a rare animal found in the Safari Box. It has gradient red ears and paints that bleed from its eyes in yellow to purple.

This blook is a fun and exciting approach to collect bonuses and rewards while playing the game. Rainbow Panda has a few distinctive features in the game. It may boost players’ scores or reward them with a bonus in particular video games.

It’s not extremely difficult to get your hands on Rainbow Panda, but it does need some luck. The likelihood of obtaining one is about 0.02%. However, purchasing a Rainbow Panda Blook box using special in-game tokens is the fastest and most efficient way to receive this book.

Effective Methods for Unlocking Rainbow Panda Blooket

Before you try to find a Rainbow Panda, you must know that the Rainbow Panda is an extremely rare blook in Blooket. Your likelihood of obtaining one is 1 in 5000 or 0.02%. If you wish to get Rainbow Panda Blooket, you have a few options to choose from.

1- Game Tokens:

The first method is to use in-game tokens. These can be obtained by answering questions and then used to purchase Blooket boxes.

2- Safari Box

A Safari Box is another fantastic way to obtain a Rainbow Panda. Several games that teach various concepts are included in this box. It can hold a Rainbow Panda, and opening it costs 25 tokens.

You shouldn’t try to gather every blook from the Safari Box just because there’s a 0.02% chance of finding a Rainbow Panda in one. The chances of receiving a Rainbow Panda from a box are significantly lower than the chances of getting a Lion.

3- Buy from the Market

The third option is to buy Rainbow Panda from the market. The cost of Rainbow Panda is approximately 300 tokens for each student. All students can access the market but need a code to sign up.

4- Winning an Event

Another way to earn a Rainbow Panda Blooket is to win an event. These blooks are presented to the best clubs. The LUNCH Event, which happens annually, is one of the events. You must be a top club member to participate in this event.

Once you’ve obtained your Blooket Rainbow Panda, go to your stats. It is located in Blooket’s lower-left corner. It is at the exact location as in the Blooket Market but is on the left end. It has a bar-graph appearance. Select your profile photo by clicking on it at the top of your profile. You can then find the Rainbow Panda and set it as your new profile image.

Strategies to Get Rainbow Panda Blooket Before Everyone Else

1- Gather Blook Coins

The best way to get the Rainbow Panda, a rare Blooket character, is with Blook Coins. Playing video games, taking quizzes, and participating in other activities on the Blooket platform can earn you blook coins.

2- Go to the Daily Shop

When you have enough blook coins, check out the Daily Shop to determine if the Rainbow Panda is still available for sale. You can purchase unique Blooket characters in the Daily Shop, such as the Rainbow Panda.

3- Keep an Eye on the Daily Shop

Pay close attention to the lower section of the menu, as Rainbow Panda is usually unavailable in the Daily Shop. The Rainbow Panda will become available because the shop is updated daily.

4- Trade with Other Players

Consider exchanging blooks with other Blooket players if you encounter problems getting Rainbow Panda through the Daily Shop. Blooket players can exchange characters like the Rainbow Panda on various online forums and marketplaces.

How to Get Rainbow Panda Using Token Booster in Blooket?

You must purchase Blooks to get Rainbow Panda Blooket. You’ll need tokens to purchase them. Getting all of your Blooks into Blooket will reward you with tokens.

Token Booster will make it much easier for you to collect Blooks and is the only method to earn tokens and receive powerful upgrades quickly. That’s why the majority of players like Token Booster, as it makes getting Blooks easier than ever before!

Summing It Up!

Hopefully, you’ll find the Rainbow Panda Blooket, and good fortune will be on your side. This blook requires a lot of luck, commitment, and grinding to acquire because it is uncommon and has the lowest drop rate.

To buy or unlock their preferred Blooks, players must adequately answer questions in the Blooket game to gather as many tokens as possible. If not, at least you’re learning new things from all the questions you’re successfully answering.


How to Get Rainbow Panda in Blooket?

The Rainbow Panda in the Blooket is the second most challenging blook to purchase from the market. To obtain this blook, you can complete several activities or spend your unique in-game tokens to purchase this blook box.

What Does the Rainbow Panda Look Like in Blooket?

This blook is a recolor/reskin of the Panda with gradient red ears and yellow to purple paint streaming from its eyes.

How To Get Rainbow Panda Blooket for Free?

Rainbow Panda is a Chroma Blook. It means that it is not available to you by default, and you must strive to unlock it. A Safari Box, which costs 20 tokens, must be purchased to unlock it. However, you can use Token Booster to earn tokens, which will make getting Rainbow Panda blook much easier.

What Pack is the Rainbow Panda in Blooket?

Rainbow Panda is included in the safari pack in Blooket. Rainbow Panda is the most elusive blook in the safari pack.

How Rare is the Rainbow Panda in Blooket?

The likelihood of having the Rainbow Panda blook is 0.02% or 1 in 5,000. Although it may not seem like a great deal, it indicates that for every 5,000 safari boxes, you will receive 1 Rainbow Panda.

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