Spooktober or Halloween updates


Every year, Blooket celebrates the month of October as Halloween, also Named Spooktober. We are into Spooky season (Spooktober) with new updates from Blooket for its users. This is season 5 of  Blooket, and it has introduced new blooks in the Spooky pack for a limited duration of time. 

In Spooktober, Gold Quest is replaced with Candy Quest. Although modes do not change, but Spooky outlook and artwork of Candy Quest suit the Halloween theme more than Gold Quest.

Candy Quest 

Candy Quest is a game mode like the other game modes in blooket introduced for fun, excitement, and learning. Its’ mode is the same as Gold Quest, but It suits the theme of the Halloween month better. 

Having spooky craft or artwork. It is also known as the candy rush. As a new addition to the game modes, it has some special attraction for its users because Candy Quest replaced Gold Quest in October. 

This game is for students for fun, enjoyment, and pastime activity. They can play it solo and also can participate in groups. Teachers can also use this game mode for their students to assign them homework. By hosting this game mode, a teacher can also assess the potential of his students.

The best thing about this game mode is the number of blooks from Spooky Pack. During Halloween or Spooktober, Candy Quest replaces Gold Quest for October.

How can You play Candy Contest on Blooket?

To join the candy Blooket, follow these steps;

1. By going to the Stats option on the Blooket dashboard.

2. Click the Candy Contest.

3. You will be shown the date and other related details, but the link to the contest will appear on Sunday.

4. Through the link, you can join the candy contest.

Gold Quest

Like many other game modes on Blooket, Gold Quest is also a game mode featuring fun, fast-paced, and a desire to earn more gold.

This game mode is designed for the competition to collect the most gold. It is students’ favorite because they want to reach the top of the leaderboard by giving correct answers. The winner is awarded 3 chests; the reward may be gold or the percentage of gold, which will become part of the players’ total earnings. In this game mode, luck works more than the strategy of the players. 

Every player starts with 0 gold. The more they collect gold, the more they have the chance to earn the power-ups, which can help them move forward or backward.

This game is best for students because it does not let them get bored. The desire to get more gold and rewards urges them to answer more questions and beat the competitors. The chests awarded to players on right answers can also allow them to steal the gold from the partners’ total earnings. Even Mega blook allows players to hack the password of their fellow players.

Gold Quest Values And Chances:

Gold StackAdds 10 Gold To Your Total Amount Of Gold5% Chance
Gold StackAdds 20 Gold To Your Total Amount Of Gold12.5% Chance
Gold StackAdds 30 Gold To Your Total Amount Of Gold17.5% Chance
Gold StackAdds 40 Gold To Your Total Amount Of Gold15% Chance
Gold StackAdds 50 Gold To Your Total Amount Of Gold13.5% Chance
Gold StackAdds 100 Gold To Your Total Amount Of Gold7.5% Chance
JesterDoubles All Your Gold9% Chance
UnicornTriples All Your Gold4% Chance
Slime MonsteRemoves 25% Of Your Total Golds3% Chance
DragonRemoves 50% Of Your Total Gold1% Chance
KingSwap Total Gold With Any Player You Choose2% Chance
ElfTake 10% Of Someone Else’s Total Gold4% Chance
WizardTake 25% Of Someone Else’s Total Gold4% Chance
FairyNothing Happens2% Chance

Spooktober or Spooky Pack:

This is a chance for you to avail the “Spooky pack” for just 25 tokens.

Due to the Spooky season, Blooket has introduced new Blooks in the Spooky Pack. It can be available to You from mid to the last date of October. Monster Brawls’ Halloween Version Also Contains All the blooks found in the Spooky Pack except Caramel Apple and the Cookies.


In the year 2022, caramel apple, pumpkin cookie and ghost cookie were added to the pack, and the Haunted pumpkin was removed.  

In 2023, the Updates are Pumpkin Cookie and Ghost Cookie had been removed, and candy corn, red gummy bear, green Gummy Bear, and blue gummy bear have been added.

So, Happy Spooktober!

Enjoy the updates and save as many tokens as you can to visit the market to buy limited-time items and new blooks from the Spooky pack.

Pack rates:

Swamp monster19%
Caramel Apple5%
Candy Corn5%
Red Gummy Bear0.02%
Green Gummy Bear0.02%
Blue Gummy Bear0.02%

Concluding Thoughts

Blooket has become awesome in season 5. But Spooktober has made it more fascinating due to the Halloween month. The addition of  New Blooks in the Spooky Pack and the Contest of Candy, which is going to be held in the ending days of October, will be an amazing experience for you. 

Stay connected to Blooket and enjoy the Candy Quest mode, which is especially presented in Spooktober.

When is the Contest of Candy organized?

The Contest of Candy is organized in the last days of October. It rewards its first 25 Finishers with some special rewards.

What is the rarest blook in Spooky Pack?

Spooky Packs’ rarest Blook is Ghost Cookie, which has a 0.02% drop rate.

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